Sunday, March 29, 2009

Starting My New Job

The time had to come, I suppose, when I re-entered the world of physical therapy.  Aaaaahhhh, physical therapy, my job, my career, one of my purposes.  Many people ask me if I ever feel like I should be a stay at home mom and not continue working as a physical therapist.  It's true I LOVE being home with my family, no doubt.  And I would LOVE to continue to do that.  But when I've really sat down and prayed about whether or not I should return to PT I've always had the same answer.  It's not about the money or the insurance.  I mean, I know those are real issues that would have to be solved if I chose to stay home.  But I just know that something would be missing.  I truly believe that God has purposely made me to be a physical therapist.  That may sound silly to most of you, but I really mean it.  I LOVE my job.  I LOVE my field of work.  And that love has not been dependent on the job location because this new job is the 4th place where I've worked.  (Don't get me wrong, I take it very seriously when I'm looking for a place to work.  I look for ethics, morals, patient-centered care, not money-centered care.)  The love that I'm talking about is meeting new people, being part of a person's life when they are in pain and being able to help relieve that pain in some way;  and not only that but to teach them how to change their lifestyles to decrease their risk for recurrent injury.  I love to inspire people, to encourage them, to build them up, to give them hope.  And I truly believe that God has given me a special ability to do this.  And so I don't feel released, so to speak, to stay at home right now.  I feel like God has more than one role for me at this time in my life:  a wife first and foremost, and Mommy, and a physical therapist.  And so I dust off my tools and head out the door......considering it pure joy........


  1. Enjoy your first day... your patients are so blessed to have you!