Thursday, May 14, 2015


In the mornings before school Chris does a bible time with the kids that we ALL look forward to.  The kids are always disappointed if we wake up late or are just running slow and can't do it.  

Some times he has them do art work to remember a story and other times they jut relax and soak it all in while they eat.  

Caleb LOVES to learn facts and hear stories.  Chris has them role play different scenerios to challenge themselves in how to verbalize their beliefs and how to handle different situations with their friends in class or on the playground based on what they studied.  I LOVE listening to the discussion and questions and views of al 3 of them!

I'm so grateful for Chris and his devotion to me and his devotion to Caleb and Alethia, to teach, encourage, and love us in every way

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


You know, I find myself sometimes in the middle of a life of activities and systems.  I'm living life the way I do because of the culture I'm surrounded by.  I expect certain things because it's "normal", I pay certain bills because "it's just what you do", I go through my day - enjoying the different parts - but with my eyes fixed on activities.

But what I like.....what I love...... is a perspective change.  

"letting go"
 of the 
"normal expectations" 
and "fixing my mind" on 
Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.

My thought goal to once again ask the Lord to use every situation in my day - 
the pleasure
the pain
the annoying
the quick
the long lasting

to lead to me to deeper understanding of Himself, a deeper understanding of what I have put my faith in, - Jesus.

May every situation draw me closer to Him in every aspect of my being.

I was talking to Alethia tonight about joining the ballet company.  She LOVES dance and really wants to do it.  She has shown Chris and I responsibility, good grades, a sweet disposition and attitude, flexibility when things don't go her way.  She has practiced hard and listened to all of her teachers well - at school, in piano, and in dance.   We have decided to let her try, let her audition.  And there's the part of me that wants her to have everything that her heart desires.  I want to withhold nothing from her.  Nothing.  But what an opportunity for her to practice trusting the Lord.

We can't afford to do the dance company.  Alethia knows this.  We have told her.  And so she knows that if she auditions and gets selected, it will only be by God's provision that she will be able to do it each month.  Chris and I have talked to her about this and I'm so thankful for her to have this opportunity.  This is a situation in which she can challenge herself to pray.  To really pray hard.  To pray for her hearts desire, but also to ask the Lord what HE desires for her right now; what HE wants her to spend her time doing.  What an opportunity to allow the Lord to grow her heart - NO MATTER WHAT HIS ANSWER IS.

I do NOT like that His answer has been NO to my desires in the past.  I have 7 children that were embryos, at least 7 days old, and none of them came to live with me on earth.  I watch my husband, my best friend, struggle and fight to live in a body that does not do what he wants it to do all day, every day.  Yet, I have enjoyed the amazing abudance of HIS love and provision in giving me a husband who really adores me, who will do ANYthing for me.  I have the most amazing children a Mother could hope for.  I have a job that I love to do and coworkers and patients that I enjoy every day.  He has chosen to give me so much and HE has chosen to say no at times.  So my prayer for Alethia right now is that the Lord will bring her HIS peace in her heart no matter HOW HE chooses to lead her - whether He thinks it's best to provide finances to DO company or whether He says NO to company right now and does not provide the finances or ability.  May this experience and EVERY experience (large or small) deepen her faith in You, Lord.   May you use it to show her more of Your character, more of Your ways, and more of Your plans for her life.  

Deepen our child's faith and foundation in You Lord Jesus.  Open her eyes to see Your provision in Her life - whether or not she likes Your plan right now.  You see what she does not.  Remind her of this.    

I love You, Lord Jesus.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Pumpkin carvin time!!!!  The kids were definitely excited about carving pumpkins this year.  In the past I've taken the easy way out by only getting mini pumkins or using markers to draw on them rather than carving them - I just don't think I'm good enough with a knife!  But this year the kids really wanted to carve big here they are......

And we found a KIT!!!  It was super easy....just had to carve a little bit.....check it out!

Pretty cool how they came out, HUh!??

Fun little family activity!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

TOURNAMENT #2 and scrimmages at home - FALL 2015.....GO GET 'EM BOYS!!

I think tournament #2 was in North Carolina as well.  The boys played hard in these well fought battles.....getting better and better with each tournament.
The boys take turns in the goal, so Caleb had his turn!  WHEW, he did well!  It's always good to have Evan back on defense when he's in the goal!

Caleb ran hard and had a blast.  That boy loves his teammates.  

Caleb's buddies on the field - Evan and William.

Alethia was in charge of Zoey for some of the games....AND.....SHE.... LOVED....IT!!
She absolutely loved her time with Zoey and with the friends she made at the games.  It's always good to meet sisters of other players at the games!

Home again for some friendly's against the Coast U9 girls.....these girls mean business!!

Caleb's not afraid to play tough against them though!!!

At this point in the year the girls usually beat us.....but we'll see what happens as the year goes on!  Good game everyone!!!


This year for candy and costumes in our neighborhood we went with our favorite neighbor!!  It's so fun have neighbors the same age with connecting yards.....leads to a lot of playing!!!

The kids were Anna and Squanto.  Anna from Frozen and Squanto, the first Native American to believe in Jesus (per Caleb).  Daddy did the face paint and off we went!

Such a fun night with buddies......just 2 streets and our buckets were filled with goodies!


Alethia loves ballet of course.
We all know that!!  

Last year she had the option of doing a ballet exam at the end of the year and she begged us to do it.  We agreed, and she did an excellent job.  She had to learn several dances and she did them for the exam and her recital.  

At the beginning of this year she and the other dancers in her class received their pins for passing their level 1 exams.

Way to go Level 1 girls!!!!


It's always fun and spontaneous having Chris Skinner for a husband and a Daddy!  Chris came home one day and said that he got tickets for us to go to the Pelican's Baseball game AND that Caleb could throw out the first pitch!!!  
Chris is slightly extroverted.....and likes to talk to everyone he sees......SO he has been friends with one of the employees at the Stadium.  Gandy called Chris to see if Caleb or Alethia would want to throw out the pitch.  Alethia said no but Caleb said YES!!!!

Daddy couldn't get to the field because of stairs, so Gramps came and walked him out tot he mound!  He was soooo excited!

Also our WONDERFUL FRIENDS, the St. Clairs, were visiting for the EVERYONE came!!!!  Kasey and Kaedyn cuddled....

Dallas and Alyssa came of course!

 Alethia and Kamryn are great little buddies!!!

What a fun night.....thanks Daddy!!!

When Caleb saw Chris he ran and jumped into his arms......That boy sure does love his Daddy!