Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since we moved to North Carolina Nana and PopPop haven't been able to visit because of the distance. But this past week we had the joy of having Nana visit us!!! The kids were in heaven. They LOVE their Nana!!!! And what's not to love.....constant hugs, constant kisses, any toy they want, any food they want, no time-outs.....seriously, we all need a week with Nana!!! Chris and I were even able to have a date night!!!

But really, I feel so blessed to have parents who want to be so involved in our children's lives!!! The kids feel the love and so do Chris and I! So here are the top 5 things we love about Nana:

5. Nana gives the best hugs

4. Nana LOVES to read us books and hold us on her lap

3. Nana always wants to play with us, even if it means getting down on the floor for 1 hour at a time!

2. Nana is the BEST cook and loves to make us goodies and creamy, cheesy potatoes

1. Nana makes us feel so loved and like we're the most precious and special children ever can you NOT love being with Nana!!!

We can't wait for your next visit!!!

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