Friday, January 1, 2010


What a fun Christmas eve we had!!! I was off from work, so that was GREAT to start with!!!

Chris, the kids, and I all made our first batch of rolled sugar cookies with cookie cutter and frosting the night before.....we should've taken pictures but it got a little hectic with both kids getting so excited and flour and dough delicately balanced on Chris' lap and the counter.....Alethia and Daddy made a batch and Caleb and Mommy made a batch. They didn't taste great, but they were cute!!

So on Christmas eve, we put all of our cookies and homemade Christmas cards that the kids colored in our red wagon and delivered our cookies to our friends. While we were on our travels we were invited to dinner at one friends' home. SCORE!! Homemade manicotti!!!

After dinner we went to another friends' apartment for dessert! Our friend Dotti had made a birthday cake for Jesus and the kids got to pour sprinkles on it and sing happy birthday to Jesus!! What a fun day!! Caleb was the most excited about going to their home because they have the one and only ROCKET from Little Einsteins....AND they have some of the figurines!!! So, notice in the pictures, the June and Quincy figurines....VERY big highlight for the kids!

Can't you see the sugar hitting the system....look at Alethia's eyes by the end! And after giving them tons of cake and chocolate we tossed them in bed for sweet dreams!!!
(that's always a good combo!)

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