Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Gifts Started early!!

This Christmas season our gifts started early!

Gift #1:
At work I made one comment about trying to figure out what size Christmas tree to get for our cozy apartment when one the therapist's said she has a 4 foot tree that we could borrow! PERFECT!! THEN, on that same day since it was the first day of really cold weather I mentioned that I was going to have to buy the kids winter coats....I was hoping we'd get away with sweatshirts in Texas, but alas, it's not THAT warm. Anyway, this same lady said that she had friend's at a clothing exchange that morning and she'd see if they could look for coats for us. Well, not only did they do that, but they decided to clean out their closets and so the next day she came to work she came with a Christmas tree, a huge bag of girl clothes and a huge box of boy clothes!!! The kids scored big and both of them got winter coats!!! How fun is that!!! Thanks Jana for being so generous!!!
Here's our first picture with the tree and the new smiles, but trust me, they were excited!

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