Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We have bibles for the kids that have stories with cartoon pictures. They love reading their bibles!!

Last night all four of us read the bible together. Chris read the story of the Good Samaritan. In the story when the man was robbed it shows him laying on the ground with a cut on his leg. After we read through the whole story, these are some of my favorite comments:

"Whas on that man's leg? He needs a bandaide!" "Those mans pushed him down....thas a BAD choice!" (we're always telling the kids to make good choices!)
Chris: "What do you think we could do to help the man?"
Alethia: "We can go inside that book and put a bandaide on his leg and he feel better now!"

Then they flipped to the back of the bible to read a story out of Revelation. The story talked about the day that Jesus comes back to earth and that when we're in Heaven there's
"No more sorrow, no more crying, and no more pain."

Mommy: "No more pain means no more boo-boos. And you won't have to cry anymore!"
Caleb: "Yeah! That means I won't have to go to bed early anymore!"


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