Sunday, April 11, 2010


During naptime, the rules are 1. NO TALKING and 2. NO GETTING OUT OF YOUR BED.
Today I walked in to find them both talking and playing in Alethia's bed. When I scolded Caleb and made him go back to his bed, he cried and said,

"But Momma I love Lae Lae so much! I don't wanna say good-bye to her. I wanna stay in HER bed!"
Then Alethia got out of her bed and came over to Caleb and gave him a kiss and a hug.

Although he was still in trouble, it did warm my heart completely.....I always pray for them to have a super close bond.

This may be too much information, but since they're 3, I think I can get away with it. Whenever Alethia is going poo-poo and she thinks it's going to be a really big poo-poo she calls it a Daddy poo-poo (she calls the little poo-poo's babies). This weekend she was on the potty going poo-poo and she paused and said,

"I think a Daddy poo-poo's comin."
She waited a few minutes and after nothing happened she said,
"I think that Daddy poo-poo went to class.....its not comin."

I'm still laughing at that!! When her Daddy's not home, he's at class too!!

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