Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've decided that I absolutely LOVE the age of 3! I love every age, but I guess now that Caleb and Alethia are talking more and doing more things for themselves I'm starting to really see the individual persons that they are.....and it's so much fun to watch!

I really feel like this past month of August has been a wonderful time of just enjoying each other. We have had a lot of family outings and just really fun goofy time at home. It's been really fun to watch Chris and the kids play......the three of them get to giggling and can't stop, it's the best!!!
I know that I am a truly blessed woman to have 3 amazing people to share my life with, thank you God for this time in our lives and may we treasure every moment!!

Daddy and the kids!!

Heading out to campus with Daddy to play!!

Daddy and Lae Lae (how should I spell it, any ideas?? Laa Laa with a long a sound?? Ideas are welcome!) reading Alethia's bible in the morning!

If you look close you can see Chris.....can you find him?? Apparently he didn't breathe much during this picture, but he's in it!

One of my favorites of the four of us!

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