Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ok, take note. 3 is not the most coordinated age to begin rollerskating. At least not in this Skinner household. Apparently Chris started when he was 3 but these Skinners need a little work.

Momo and Papa took us rollerskating and it TRULY was loads of fun!!! So equipped with brown skates and glow sticks the kids headed to the rink.

Since Alethia's an observer, it didn't take her long to figure out that riding on Daddy was a lot less work and much, much faster!!!

After 35 minutes Mommy and Caleb finished their first lap with Momo cheering them on! I think I laughed the ENTIRE lap.....what fun when one foot goes one way and the other the opposite direction - for the whole lap while your son is yelling, "Let go Mommy! I'm good at this! I'm fast like the big boys!! I can do it myself!!"
It was hysterical!! But we kept truckin and made it around!

THEN Caleb found the video games and the skates were ancient history....

What a fun afternoon!

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