Monday, October 11, 2010


Caleb's prayers are becoming more detailed lately and it's the most amazing thing to watch and hear! Before naptime and before bed we always pray and the kids choose people to pray for. Up until recently they've just thanked God for those people and then Chris and I prayed specific things for each person. Two weeks ago when Caleb chose to thank God for Momo (Chris' mom) Chris asked Caleb if he wanted to pray something specific for Momo. This was his response:

"God please take care of Momo like you took care of the Israelites when they left Pharoah and went through the Red Sea and the water crashed on top of Pharoah and he got stuck in the mud and died."

Isn't that the coolest prayer ever?? In kids church the weeks before that they had been learning the entire story of Moses and Pharoah and leaving Egypt, so Caleb has been telling us every detail of those stories, the different plagues, Pharoah not listening, etc. So I'd say it was fresh in his mind!!!

Last week Caleb started choosing Daddy, Mommy, and his sister LaiLai. Every night since last week Caleb has prayed:

"God thank you for Daddy's life and protect his life, thank you for Mommy's life and protect her life, and thank you for my sister LaiLai's life and protect her life Amen."

When he started praying that prayer, Alethia wanted to pray something specific too, so she prayed this:

"Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and how they kiss and hug at naptime. Amen"

Chris always tells them when they go to bed that Mommy and Daddy are going to get in bed too and we're going to kiss and hug because we love each other. I've always thought it was funny that he told them that, but apparently they're listening!

I'm so thankful for Caleb and Alethia's love for God and love for prayer. It's amazing to watch them develop and I'm so thankful!

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