Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Two weeks ago we started playing some games with the kids with letters.....trying to teach them to recognize the various letters. They know their alphabet but don't know what all the letters look like yet. We played all sorts of games that were loads of fun and worked our way up to the letter "H". Then 5 days later Alethia picked up a piece of chalk and started drawing letters that we had learned. Previously I had only taught her to write the letter "A" and she'd occasionally get a "C" correct for her brother's name, but that's all. By memory she walked up to the board and drew for the first time an "M", "H", "B", "D", and "G" consistently. She worked on "F" and "E" but couldn't quite get the lines in the right direction.....this was all without Chris or I teaching her, she just did it herself!
So here is her handy work........
We're so proud of you LaiLai!!

First "H"

First "G"

First "M"

and she threw in an elephant just for fun......

What a joy to watch her learn!

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