Monday, November 1, 2010


Living across the street from DTS Campus gives us a lot of fun areas for playing. We've got some type of name of every little area of campus and lately our "dirt spot" has been a favorite.

On this particular day Caleb decided to build the city of Jericho, march the Israelites around it, yell to God, and smash down the walls with a shovel. He did that sequence for probably 45 minutes before he decided to move to a different game.

Alethia on the other hand was quite content to build a tall tower, knock it down, and build it again. I tried to teach her about the tower of Babble and convince her that that was what she was building, but she wasn't convinced.

She just repeated, "No, I'm just making a tall tower."

Oh well, at least I tried to make it spiritual....but sometimes dirt is just dirt!

We've had some fun days for sure!

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