Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last year Chris began taking the kids individually on a Daddy date. His first date was with Caleb to the coffee shop on campus. His plan was to get Caleb some ice-cream and to eat it over at the coffee shop as some special time for the two of them. But, since Caleb is so loyal to Alethia he didn't want to eat his ice-cream without Alethia. He insisted on getting some for her too and waiting to eat his until he was home with her so that they could eat together! He seriously did that......and that was when they were still 2 years old!!

Now Daddy dates have become a tradition for each other the kids. They take turns going to the coffee shop with Daddy but they always return home with ice-cream for the twin at home.

Last week I got to go with them to see how it's all done. They all rode over, Alethia on Chris' lap and Caleb sitting on his feet. When they arrived, without reminders, Caleb stood up on Chris' feet at the counter and ordered for himself and for his sister, then turned to Chris to see if he wanted anything too. Once the ice-cream arrived Caleb carefully handed it to Alethia and climbed down with his and then said thank you and good-bye to the lady who helped him.

Go Daddy Go!! The kids have been trained well!!!

Now I just need a Daddy date!!!

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