Thursday, February 10, 2011


The past 3 weeks have truly been amazing. Chris and I have had so much time to truly share our hearts, our dreams, our hurts, and our fears with one another. It's been least relationship-changing for us. I feel so free to be who I am, completely loved and protected and adored by him. I am sooo thankful that the Lord led me to Chris and led our hearts together to live this life together. Not only did He do that, but He has continued to be faithfully with us in every detail of our lives.

Chris has had a pretty severe urinary tract infection for the past 3 weeks that has not responded to oral medications. He went to a new doctor on Monday and a new medication was prescribed in an injection form. We thought we had the medication ordered and were prepared to pick it up on Tuesday but late in the afternoon we found out that the manufacturer has "run out" of the medication. Our only chance for getting the medication was to find a pharmacy who already had it in stock. Because it's such a high-powered antibiotic no regular pharmacy in Dallas carries it. Seriously, the whole city of Dallas. We began calling specialty pharmacies and after many calls we found it, the last phone call of the day...........right when we had lost hope!! And, if that weren't good enough, the pharmacy delivered it to us that afternoon and he was able to begin! Thank you Jesus for not forgetting us.......for making a way, even though we don't deserve it and there are so many people in this world who wouldn't have been able to receive continue to provide treatment to Chris........You keep him alive through so many complications that have taken others' lives. I'm so grateful........may I see from Your perspective more and more.

Lord, increase my faith in You, for without You I am nothing and I have nothing.

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