Monday, February 14, 2011


Nana came to visit again in January....she just can't stay away!! (and we love it!)

One thing that always comes with Nana are books. She saved all of our children's books from when Jim and I were kids and she brings them with her to share with the kids. I think it's amazing how she kept everything in such good condition over all these years! That is definitely a gift that I don't have! The kids LOVE IT!

I think they read more books with Nana than anyone else.....what a special memory for them. At this visit Nana also brought all of my brother, Jim's, matchbox cars....2 cases of 18 cars!!! Both kids loved them and played with them the whole week she was here....and of course they still do! Can't get enough of cool cars!

Caleb loves to sit on Nana's lap and read stories.....he loves her visits for sure!

It gets a little to tricky to still fit Caleb and Alethia on our laps now, but where there's a will there's a way!

Thanks for visiting! We love you!

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