Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In San Diego Brandon took us to the Blue Parot Grill for more great mexican food. When we ordered our food we found out that it was "Hermit Crab Racing Tuesday"!! Every few hours they have a race and when you order you get raffle tickets and the chance to have your ticket number crab win...... So we grabbed our tickets and headed to the table. The owner lifted the bucket and started squirting the crabs....... And.....oh yeah......that's MY crab that you see taking the lead...... There he goes!!!! First one to the white line!!! So I got to pick a key from a keyboard, then pick a box. If the key fit into the box and opened it then I'd have a chance to win $50!! I picked my key and tried the lock and.....YES......I WON!!!! I won a free T-shirt. I was so excited until I saw the shirt..... I was hoping I'd win a Blue Parot shirt....... But alas, I won a tank top that says, "Dog Bite Lager" and has a picture of a few dogs biting each other like vicious beasts........oh well, guess i can always wear it to bed! It was a fun adrenaline rush though!!!

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