Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Diego Day 1

Our first glimpse of the beach!!
As soon as we got to our hotel we dumped our bags and headed to the beach and the sunshine!!! This was our first picture of the Pacific Ocean! It was so great to see the ocean......I don't know the last time we both were at the's been a few years, so it was a great sight to see.

There's something about watching people at the beach. I can sit for hours watching the waves, the surfers, the people walking, the people sitting, the children, the grandparents......feeling the wind and the sun on my face.....nothing like it!!!

Of course the first day we were there Chris got in a cool conversation with a surfer who's grown up there his whole life......super fun going anywhere new with Chris because of the people we meet and conversations we have! So fun! I love my husband!

Just look at that beach!!! great!

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