Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I felt so loved when Tammy and Charles visited us. They were so thoughtful in everything that they did. Unfortunately I had to work some of the time they were here, but they did so much to help us with the everyday tasks of life. They cleaned, they cooked, they did dishes, they did laundry, they played with our kids, they brought presents that were very specific and well-thought-out for both Caleb and Alethia.......I think the word that sums up their trip to me is THOUGHTFUL. I feel like everything that Tammy did the entire trip was intentionally to show me love and support and encouragement. She thought of everything and that means so much to me. I feel extra loved when I can see that someone is doing things on purpose to help me or to allow me to sit and relax with everyone - it means the world to me and that's exactly what Tammy did. She took care of every detail and for that I am so grateful.

Alethia loves her Aunt TeeTee! (yeah, so apparently "teetee" is what a lot of little kids call using the potty! I had no idea so I thought it was cute when they were 1 year old and started calling Tammy "Aunt TeeTee". The name has stuck and so she'll forever be Aunt TeeTee now!!! Sorry Tammy! Thanks for being a good sport!!)

Tammy and Charles chose this weekend in particular to visit for 2 reasons. It was Caleb and Alethia's birthday and they wanted to be here to celebrate....which made it the best birthday ever! And, Chris and I were leaving for 3 days for a speaking trip so they came to take care of the kids while we were gone. Tammy said she really wanted to have some alone time with Caleb and Alethia where she didn't have to share them with grandparents.....again, that just warms my heart to know that she really wants to have a close relationship with them individually! It means a lot and I'm so grateful!

So thank you for a wonderful visit!!!!

We love and appreciate both of you, Tammy and Charles!

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