Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Having twins is an interesting things when it comes to schedules and waking up and falling asleep. I guess it's like this with every group of siblings who share a room.....

Caleb is our nights owl AND our early bird......basically he just doesn't need as much sleep as Alethia especially considering that he doesn't sleep during most naps and she always does!

Anyway, he wakes up early every morning. We have an alarm clock that we've set to 7:45 am and the kids aren't allowed to come out of their room in the morning until it beeps (except for pottytime of course!). So every morning Caleb wakes up first, goes to the bathroom, and asks if he can have legos and blocks (our rule is that they're allowed to be awake and play before the alarm, they just can't come out of the's a great way to get a little extra time in the morning before we focus on being Mommy and Daddy). Once the blocks are down he's in business! He quickly wakes up Alethia and then they build until their alarm's a wonderful thing!

Here are their recent creations..........Alethia's town.....

And Caleb's train.....

It'll be a sad day when they don't want to build anymore.....hopefully not til the distant future!

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