Thursday, June 2, 2011


The big day week before T Ball started Caleb got to go to the store and get his first Tee!!!! Unfortunately he made some bad choices and had to face some sad consequences. I can't remember what he did but it most likely involved some foot stomping, and some "but Daddy...."'s!

So Alethia got to be the first one to use the Tee with the brand new bat!

She surprised me with how much fun she had.....maybe it was more fun because she knew Caleb wasn't allowed to play and she was!

Caleb faced his consequences by standing behind the fence for 10-15 minutes and cheering for Alethia while she hit the ball and ran the bases......his cheers sounded very genuine once he started!

Because he cheered well and didn't complain he was allowed to swing the bat one time! He had to make it a good one and he went to left field!

The happy players after practice!

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