Monday, June 20, 2011


So I get really excited at the idea of homemade crafts or projects but I really, trully have NO TALENT in this area. I'm more of a phys. ed. teacher rather than an art teacher. But the other day I got myself organized and decided to follow a recipe for homemade playdough with food coloring.

The kids were so excited to help me make it! Our first batch didn't turn out so well......more like an Elmer's glue consistency (not sure what I did wrong, not surprised either! I'm more of a second or third time kind of craft-doer). The second time we were headed down the "glue consistency" path but I decided to doctor it up - after adding an abundance of extra ingredients we finally created a product close to that of playdough. The kids rejoiced as did I!!! Then they got to work playing for an entire hour with their new creation! Perfect time for Mommy to do housework!

My favorite quote from the event?

Alethia said, "Mommy this was fun. We persevered!"

No doubt these are Chris Skinner's kids!

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