Thursday, June 2, 2011


Once a year the school brings ponies, a petting zoo, and big bounce houses to campus for the families to enjoy......this year the kids were more brave than last year! Mommy didn't even need to walk alongside during the pony rides!

Caleb loved it as he waved everytime he passed by Chris and I!

Nothing like riding in circles!!! The thrill of it all!

Alethia isn't much for petting but she does like to get close and watch the animals!

Unfortunately after the animals Caleb went on the bouncehouse and dislocated his elbow!!! Can you believe it?? We walked to the ER, got an X-ray, and the doctor calmly walked in, straightened his elbow, bent it quickly, and that was that! Caleb INSTANTLY felt better, stopped crying, and even waved good-bye to his doctor with the same arm. It was crazy! But I'm SOOO thankful that it was such and easy fix!

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