Friday, June 10, 2011


Ithink Caleb's having fun this season! He has a hard time letting his teammates get the ball however, he just wants to run for it everytime it's hit!! He's learning not to whine, complain, or stomp his feet everytime one of his teammates gets the ball's a work in progress, but he did have his first "time out" where Daddy made him sit out of bounds for one batter when he whined and stomped.....but it more whining the rest of the game! Yay Daddy!!!

Yeah, I'd sat he's having fun!!! What's fun for me is to hear Chris' mom's stories about Chris playing at this age and to hear that he was the exact same way. What a gift!

We just had our 3rd game of the season and Caleb's team was short players so Alethia got to play. The best part for me was watching both of them.....Caleb and his DESIRE for the ball with every hit......Alethia with a bit of indifference as she sat down in the outfield and drew in the dirt! They both make me smile so much!!!!

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