Saturday, October 22, 2011


In search of indoor activities this summer, we headed to the museum.......nothing like an indoor sandbox!!!

And no trip to the museum is complete without the display that explains how vomit starts in the brain and as you read at the end you get to push a button and watch the profile of the person vomit.....EXCELLENT! This whole section actually IS my favorite part I must learn how fast you sneeze, all about allergens and the allergic reaction, digestion, how many minutes you need to exercise to burn off various meals, and how heavy your skin is! FUN!!!

And of course there is the physics section......this was Caleb's favorite, the ping pong ball that floats above the cone!

Yes, it looks like Mommy's eyes have watched a little too many ping pong balls at this point - but I love it, truly! This is the good stuff of being a Mommy!

The curiosity of a child.....wondering what's next!

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