Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am very aware that we are an extremely blessed family. The Lord brings amazing people into our lives. One of these amazing people is Ashley. She was our nanny when we first returned to Dallas from England last summer. She only watched the kids for about 2 months but she has been such a blessing ever since then. Even though she watched them for such a short period of time, both she and her husband have watched the kids many times since and have made themselves so available to us to help as much as possible. What a gift!

Another gift of Ashley's is that she is a great swim instructor!!! This worked perfectly for us since we have 2 four year olds who don't know how to swim! She gave them lessons on Saturdays for several weeks this summer, and even though we couldn't keep up the schedule and the kids weren't able to fully learn how to swim, they definitely loved their time with her and got down some of the basics for being in the pool!

Ashley had special "boy" tricks for Caleb and "girl" games for was right up their alley!!

Caleb kicked his "wooden legs"!

Both kids love Ashley sooo much and so do we!!!

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