Saturday, October 22, 2011


Another great spot to escape the heat is the Dallas Aquarium! We are so blessed to have grandparents who love to buy us family passes to all these great places to enjoy while we're here in Dallas! Again, truly a blessed family. It's amazing how many gifts we are given. I never want to take it for granted or take the people giving them for granted.

The kids have slowly warmed up to the sting-ray tank at the aquarium. Caleb has touched the stingrays once, maybe twice.....Alethia still likes to look from a distance though!

The kids have definitely learned that when you go to the aquarium with Mommy you don't get to go in the gift shop.....BUT when you go with Nana you ALWAYS go in the gift shop.....or at least you ask her if you can! On this trip they got their souvenirs (did I spell that right? Doesn't look right....Hmm, no spell check on blogs....oh well, it's the best I can do)

This is my favorite - the alligator snapping turtle.....273 pounds and holds it's breath for something crazy like an hour before it comes up for air!

It's just fun to see all the individual types of fish that God created. I mean seriously, did He have to create this many?? But He did....probably just for fun......just to show us how amazingly creative He is!

The grande that not the biggest stingray ever!!??!! Caleb loves him! He even looks like he's smiling so that makes it even more fun!

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