Monday, October 31, 2011


Caleb has been asking about soccer season since he started T ball, but the time has now arrived! So off to the soccer store we went on a family outing to find cleats, shin guard, socks, and a ball!

We called MoMo (Chris' Mom on the way in our excitement and she said she'd pay for whatever he needed! What a HUGE gift to have family members who love our children so much and are able to give gifts so generously!)

We tried on a lot of shin guards and cleats, but finally arrived at the ones that fit the best! Then we headed to campus to get used to the new equipment.......Alethia was supportive and cheered for Caleb as he practiced dribbling the ball across the field.

The best part of all is that Daddy was able to talk to the folks in charge of the league and get Caleb on our friend Coach Chad's team.......and Daddy gets to help out with every practice......Caleb ALWAYS wants Daddy to be his assistant coach. He tells me all the time that I don't know much about sports but Daddy knows everything and is teaching him everything he needs to know! That boy LOVES his Daddy! I love it!

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