Monday, November 7, 2011


What the kids were most excited for in their trip to Virginia was to see their Gramps (who Alethia now calls Grampsy! She loves to do that - Nana is now Nanny to me it communicates how much she cherishes them in her heart). We got to see Gramps every day and we all loved it! On this day he took the kids to the park and down the trail to see the New River and all of nature along it.

They ate up the attention and asked millions of questions......well, Caleb asked millions of questions, Alethia just loved to run and cuddle and be held and play games.

It was a beautiful week to visit and so fun for me to see the kids with Gramps. One of my favorite things to watch is our kids with their grandparents......we are so blessed to have grandparents on both sides of our family who adore Caleb and Alethia and want to have a special place in their hearts. What a unique and amazing gift!

There's nothing like watching your children be loved and cared for by others as well as yourself. It really fills my heart so full of much gratefulness.

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