Monday, November 7, 2011


This precious little girl has been sooooo fun to watch over this first year of her life.....our little friend Sophie Mae! Her parents, David and Grace, have been such incredibly faithful and helpful friends to us since we first moved to Dallas. I really can't imagine our time here without them.

Since we all love them, we have loved Sophie from the time she was in her Mama's belly! Caleb and Alethia LOVE to entertain her!

They surround her with hugs and toys everytime she enters our home and it's so fun to watch - until it's time to clean up!

But I'm sooo glad that we had this little photo session the last time they came for dinner.....such sweet memories for such sweet friends!

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  1. aw! so sweet of you. i need to steal these photos, you capture the kids at just the right moments.. especially the first and last photo. :) sophie really seems right at home with caleb and alethia.. they give her SO much love! it's just precious.