Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our whole purpose of coming to the OuterBanks was for Chris to speak at the "Walk Against Addiction" which was arranged in part by an old neighbor of his (Chris used to babysit Tori's children when he lived at the beach). Tori arranged for all of our accomodations - she was AMAZING! She paid for all of our travel, the condo we stayed in, she filled our fridge with food for the week, she gave the kids boogy boards, sand toys, kites, T-shirts, and 2 pet frogs! We were COMPLETELY spoiled for an entire week! It was awesome!

When Alethia sees Pepaw she's not quick to let him go......

She is definitely a "Grampa Girl".......she loves every Grandfather that she has!

Chris isn't quick to let go of Pepaw either!

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