Friday, February 10, 2012


With Daddy in his big red chair, we began decorating the tree, singing Christmas was so fun. So special to start the Christmas traditions in our own home watching Caleb and Alethia......I truly had a wonderful time in December. The whole month was filled with Christmas activities and I loved it, I really did.

Daddy usually gets plenty of hugs and cuddles the moment he sits in his red "Daddy" chair......he can't get away from it (and wouldn't want to of course!)

Aren't they sweet......

And here's our finished product!

Cool story with our tree. We don't have one here in Texas. We can't get a real tree because of allergies, so we need to get an artifical tree, which of course are expensive. We sent out an email to our building to see if anyone had an extra tree that we could borrow. Before I checked my email to see if we had any responses, the kids and I prayed that God would give us a tree. When I opened my email we had one from a couple who said they have a 7-foot pre-lit artificial tree that they would give to us to keep since they just got a new one this year! YAY God!!! So the kids danced around the apartment all month and told everyone they saw that God gave us a 7 foot Christmas tree!

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