Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's been two years this week since my brother Patrick passed away (Patrick and Blake in picture). It doesn't feel that long in some ways and then in other ways it does. I still miss your hugs, Patrick. We all miss you. You loved the beach and that's why we're all here this week.

Chris and his Mom.

Chris and Tammy, his sister

Alethia and Brody would love to cuddle with Uncle Patrick. But Alethia sure does talk about you a lot. She says when she gets to Heaven she's going to run and jump into Jesus' arms and then look for Uncle Patrick on his surfboard!

And Caleb sure does remind us of you in his LOVE for learning about animals.....he really does remind us of you and your curiosity about everything in nature! He also dances like you.....which makes Chris and I smile!

Blake still loves the ocean, but he did make some good memories with you at the beach.
We love you and miss you.

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