Monday, May 14, 2012


Chris is a wonderful Daddy, truly.  He got the party started by rounding up all the kids and adults.  He welcomed everyone and said some things specifically to Caleb and Alethia about different traits that he loves about them.  Then he opened it up and asked others to share anything that they love about Caleb and Alethia to encourage them.

Ms. Ann is the twins' Saturday babysitter and she was the first to speak up.  She was so kind and said things about each one of them individually.......Caleb's competitiveness and confidence.....Alethia's creativity in play and in art.  She elaborated much more than I am here and I was so thankful to have another adult praise and encourage them like she did.  Thanks Ann!

All the other kids were so quiet and respectful while others spoke about Caleb and Alethia.

One of the kids' best friends was brave and stood up to encourage Caleb and Alethia.  He said he loved Caleb for being so smart and sharing well....and that he liked Alethia because she's so cute and plays with dollhouses!  He was so sweet (although I'm not so sure Daddy liked that fact that he said Alethia was cute!!  He's not ready for boys to say that about his little girl yet!)

Ms. Ellie told the kids that she loves to see how much they love their Mommy and Daddy and how they run and squeal with excitement when they see us (this especially blessed me and brought a tear to my eye of course! I'm an emotional Mommy on birthdays!)

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone who spoke, but needless to say we were so thankful for all of the friends and adults who spoke encouraging words to our precious Caleb and Alethia.  And I was sooo thankful to Chris for doing that.  At the end of it all he asked if I had anything that I wanted to say to them and all I could do was cry and say I love you!  So it sure is good that they've got a calm Daddy!

Let the feasting begin!  Baby Jesus cake.....

And Star Wars cake - Caleb blew out his candles before the song was over so I missed the Kodak moment of flickering flames!  oops!

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