Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Because we lived on campus in student apartments, our building was like a revolving door with different families moving in and out the entire time we lived there.  But this family.....oh this family has a special place in my heart and will forever.  They were our first friends in Dallas.  I remember meeting them in the courtyard, eating dinners together, and TRULY enjoying each other's children.  They have loved Caleb and Alethia fully and loved them well.  They have helped Chris and I above and beyond what most people do and we will be forever grateful for their willingness to give time and energy and love and support to us over the past 3 years.

Oh the joy that these pictures give me.....
I must say, the night before we left Dallas I was feeling emotional with saying good-byes but when I saw their oldest daughter crying and saying that she doesn't want us to move I couldn't hold back any emotion.....she brought it right out of me and the tears began to flow......I love her, her sister, her brother, and her parents - such deep friends in my heart.  

One thing that I cherish about my friend is that she cannot help herself when it comes to giving gifts to us (or anyone else, for that matter!  She's a gift giver!).  What makes me so thankful is not WHAT she gave us, but the fact that I can look at so many toys, books, and stuffed animals in our home and think of my sweet friend.  They are raising their children to be amazing givers as well!

The other night after listening to the kids cry about missing their friends in Dallas, I suggested that we gather the stuffed animals that their friends had given them so that they can feel close to them and remember them.  I suggested they find some from this family and both kids said (almost simultaneously), "We don't need those stuffed animals to remember them because we'll never forget these friends.  We think of them all the time!  We've got things from them all over our room!

I'm so grateful for these pictures and for the memories that they bring to my heart and my mind.  Thank you friend!

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