Friday, July 13, 2012


These pictures give just a glimpse as to why Caleb and Alethia had so many tears the night before we moved.....and again and again at least once a week since our move.....

Caleb said, "I just have a hole in my heart, a Dallas hole from my friends!"

Last week Alethia lay in bed crying at night and she finally said, "It's just that in Dallas my heart was ok but when we moved to Virginia it cracked."  UGH!  That just makes ME cry too!

When Caleb mentioned missing his friends from Dallas, we said, "We know you love them, but what's great is that you can make new friends here too!  So you can have friends in Dallas AND Virginia."  to which he replied, "No thanks.  I just want to keep my Dallas friends."
So there you have it!

I must say, all of these pictures bring such a smile to my face

I love all of these kids just as much as Caleb and Alethia do!

What's true is that we all have been blessed by having such wonderful friends in our lives, even if only for a few years......what a gift to grow up from age 2-5 with such wonderful friends and wonderful families.  It's been a gift.

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