Sunday, October 7, 2012


Just 30 minutes from our house is a minor league ballpark for the Mariners.  This summer we decided to take in a game and enjoy the was a great time!

Caleb got to give one of the players "five" and say good luck before the game....
And Alethia.....well......

We were thankful just to get her into the stadium!  You see, she is terrified - in EVERY sense of the word - of mascots.  We first discovered this at the Dallas zoo when she was 3 years old and I invited a giant bumblebee to come say hi to the would've thought this bee tried to sting her whole body by the shreaks of terror that came from our little girl!
We became reaquainted with this terror the moment she saw the Fox mascot at this game.  Every muscle in her body tightened simultaneously and she clung to me for dear life when she saw him.  Tears and screaming followed immediately.  I rushed her to her Daddy (he always helps the kids through moments like these...and every boo boo.  I'm not sure what he says exactly, but they want Daddy whenever they're hurt or scared).  He quickly exited the park to help her calm down.  When they returned about 30 minutes later she didn't seem to confident and of course the Fox who had disappeared for a while suddenly reappeared on the path to our seats - UGH!  Chris put his chair on full speed and made a run for it.......they bolted passed the Fox and made it safely to the seats.....she even left Daddy's lap eventually!

No game is complete without candy, so we pulled out the ring pops!

See, she made it through the traumatic experience quite well!

A good time was had by ALL!!!!

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