Saturday, May 18, 2013


Alethia LOVES to dance on stage!  She really does love it!  This entire Fall she had 2-3 hour practices per week for her Christmas Show.  She was one of the 11 girls in Madeline's Christmas Adventure, so she was in just about every dance.  It was so fun to see how many dances she and the other girls really can learn as fiver year olds!  

Mommy had to master the art of spiral curls in her naturally stick straight hair.  Hair spray and a curling iron worked MUCH better than sponge rollers in her hair!  Thank you Aunt Pam for your hints!

We went to the dress rehearsal the night before for 4 HOURS!  She was so mesmerized the whole time.  She didn't get whiny or anything.  I was so proud of her.  

She had great visitors to support her!  Cousins, grandparents and lots of friends!

A very happy girl during and after!  Thanks to everyone who came!

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