Friday, December 27, 2013


Caleb is ready to surf.  Our new friends gave Caleb one of his surfboards.....yes, GAVE it to him!  What a gift!
He was sooo excited! 
 Chris has been teaching him a lot at home about technique and what to do on the board, so he's been practicing, but today he's ready to try it out.....

Go Bubba Go!!!!!  He's up!!!!!

This is my favorite picture of the day.  He rode this wave all the way to shore! 
And it turns out that he's Goofy Foot......(I can't remember what that'll have to ask Chris!  HA!  This Mama is still learning!)

This is Caleb with Trapper....our friend who has been working with him in the water.  He's spent lots of time with Caleb to teach him and push him into the waves.  
He's also the one who gave his board to Caleb.  Amazing.

He's up again!  This was a GREAT day of catching waves.  
So cool.  Caleb is hooked for sure!

Alethia splashed, rolled in sand, and cheered while Caleb was on the board.  She LOVES the beach and everything about it!

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