Saturday, April 19, 2014


Alethia has been afraid of dogs her entire life.  She's never had a bad experience with a dog, she's just always been afraid - the kind of fear where she could do nothing but cry and stiffen every muscle in her body at the sight of a dog.  

This was another reason why Chris felt a small dog was best for him and for our family.  He knew she was not ready for a big dog and that a big dog would need more exercise.  A little dog, however, could get exercise with him or with the kids......if it was OK with Alethia.  Chris had several discussions with Alethia and promised her that he would not get a dog until she was ready and actually WANTED a dog.  She came to Chris during the application process and told him she was ready.  Ready to meet the dogs and ready to have a dog if Daddy wanted one.  She really loves her Daddy.  And now she really loves her Zoey!  She wants to play with Zoey and walk Zoey every chance she gets!

Mr. Rick has been so kind and good with both Caleb and Alethia.  He knew that Alethia was really afraid of dogs and has takent eh time to help her with this.  She wasn't afraid of Zoey, even from the beginning, but every time he visits he brings all of his dogs (usually between 12-14 dogs at any given time!).   He told Alethia, that if she wanted, he would introduce her to 1 dog of her choice each time he visited us.   The first visit after we received Zoey, she chose Foxy.  Oh Foxy.  Such a WONDERFUL dog!  Foxy was found on the side of a road and rescued by Mr. Rick and training to be a service dog.  He was brilliant in how he helped Alethia.  He held Foxy upside down on his lap and asked Caleb and Alethia to point to different body parts......he started with Foxy's tail, back legs, head, ears, eyes, and eventually worked his way all the way to Foxy's tongue and teeth!!!!  Alethia and Caleb happily put their hands right in her mouth!  Not shocking at all for Caleb - but what a switch for Alethia!!!

Before we knew it she was hugging Foxy, cuddling with Foxy, talking to Foxy, playing with Foxy - AMAZING!

The next visit she met King - a golden retriever.....

Next visit Caleb got to choose and he chose Diva - a beautiful grey pitbull.  

By the 3rd visit Mr. Rick could let several dogs in at a time and Alethia was so focused on meeting the new dog that she didn't even think of being afraid of the others who she already met.

Back to Foxy for some more love.....

Caleb and King taking a nap together!

Rick and Canine Angels continue to bless our family!  In so many ways!

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