Saturday, May 24, 2014


OK, so I never posted pics from last Father's Day (2013)!  I figured with us getting closer to Father's Day 2014 I'd better get these pics up on the blog!  
Chris' favorite presents from the kids are crafts or anything homemade.  Our bedroom is covered with their artwork.....proudly displayed by Daddy.  

So, the kids and I headed to Michael's to find a good Daddy Day craft.  Since their favorite thing to do with Daddy at the beach last year was to find shells, we figured a shell craft would be good! 
So we got out the cement and started creating.....

(My goodness, they look SOO young in this pic compared to recent pictures)

They did so good with it and we only got a few little drops of cement on our porch!

This wasn't officially Father's Day, but Daddy was excited to see the beginning stages of these stones for our front yard.

 Now, this morning is Daddy Day!  They placed their stones in the yard.....

Gave each other a little love - the best Father's Day present they could give Chris is to love each other.

Ok, we did kinda go overboard with the candy that we picked out for Daddy Day!  But he REALLY LOVES it!

Alethia's favorite.....

And Caleb's favorite.

If any of you have ever seen Caleb and Alethia with Chris you KNOW that it is a special relationship.  They ABSOLUTELY LOVE him.  Truly.
It's the most amazing and special thing to watch.  It's been this way throughout their entire lives.  

Caleb wants to be exactly like Chris.  From the time he was 2 years old until just recently Caleb used to say that when he grows up he wants to be in a wheelchair just like Daddy.  Once, and only once, I said, "Well, it would be ok if you're not in a wheelchair too.  You can still be like Daddy."  Well I crushed his dreams with those words!  yikes!  "NO MOMMY!  I'M GOING TO BE IN A WHEELCHAIR TOO!  But I think my chair will be faster since I'm younger!"  Caleb only cheers for the teams that Chris cheers for.  He wrestles with Chris at least once per week.....all you hear are giggles and all you see afterwards is sweat.....boys will be boys I suppose!  Anytime I leave the house Caleb chooses to stay home with Daddy.  He says he always wants to be with Daddy and loves his Daddy time.  Today was a great quote.  Caleb was talking about his PE teacher and he said, "Mommy, my coach does have big muscle that you can even see.  But if there was a fight I bet Daddy would take him out."

You wanna talk about a Daddy's girl?  Oh my.  Here she is.  Alethia loves Chris so much.  Last year she said she wants to marry Chris, but when I pointed out that he's already married to me she got very sad......almost cried for real!  Since that time she said she is NOT getting married, she's just going to live with Daddy for her whole life.  She said if she can't marry him, then she'll just live with him.  She gets really upset when anyone suggests that she may change her mind in a few years.  What's funny too is that Caleb asked her who she'll live with when Daddy dies.  She never flinched but said, "I'll move in with you and your wife!"  Caleb said, "Oh, ok.  We'll build a room for you."

I love it!  What a great family I have!

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