Saturday, May 24, 2014


We love going to any semi-pro/minor league team games.  We have a minor league baseball team in town and last summer got to go to several games.  Super fun!  The kids really have fun....although Alethia still hyperventilates at the thought of the Pelican mascot coming anywhere near her.  
When he comes close Chris usually covers her with a sweatshirt, she curls in a ball and hides her eyes, and we pretend she's not there so that she can "hide" from him.  We are hoping this summer will be different.....but it's hard to predict.....every time we think she's over it, she freaks out!

Caleb on the other hand always wants his picture with the pelican and would love to sit right next to him the whole game!  But being the supportive brother that he is, he tells Alethia that he'll distract the Pelican so that he doesn't see her!  Between Daddy and Caleb, she seems to feel safe and calms down!  She loves knowing that she is protected by the Skinner men.

We got the gear....have to have a hat if you're at the game, you know???

I mean, who could be scared with this tough guy protecting you??!!

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