Sunday, June 22, 2014


There are certain times in my life when God specifically speaks directly to my heart through different people and experiences.  This past week was one of those times.  I was really tired and deflated coming into this week and it was a very busy week!  We had a friend in town visiting us, had some of our deepest friends visit for the day on Tuesday, drove to Virginia Wednesday for Chris to speak at 9:00 at night, drove home from Virginia Thursday, worked on Friday and got up at 3:15 am Saturday to go to Carolina Beach for a surfing event!

In my own energy I would have crashed and burned.  BUT THE LORD encouraged me in the deepest parts of my heart and mind throughout the week.  

On Tuesday I got to spend some time with one of the closest friends to my heart, Amy.  She encouraged me, hugged me, and reminded me that it is the overflow of the Lord in my heart that gives me the ability to do whatever He sets before me.  I don't need to have the ability on my own (good thing!!).  

On Wednesday chris had the opportunity to speak at Boys State in Virginia.  He was really struggling physically with back pain and shoulder pain and lack of sleep (he's hardly slept more than 3 hours each night because of pain).  When he started his speech his blood pressure dropped really low and he said he couldn't hear or see well.  He kept talking for a few minutes and tilted his chair back to try to feel better, but it wasn't enough.  He said that he thought about saying that he couldn't finish the talk, but decided just to show the boys attending the speech what his life is REALLY like.  So he called me out on stage and I lifted his legs while he tilted back and got him some medicine while he explained to them what was happening to him.  After a few minutes he was able to continue with his legs down on his foot plates and so I went backstage again.  

The Holy Spirit did AMAZINGLY deep things in the hearts of the young men who were there.  We were there until about 11:30 at night while Chris talked to the boys who wanted to share things with him afterwards.  So again, the message from God to me is that it is HIS ABILITY AND POWER that gives us what we need the moment we need it - in that present moment.  

Saturday morning we drove 2 hours north for the surfing event and Chris' beach wheelchair stopped working when we got there.  But the Lord brought several friends to us who took care of everything.  There were friends of Patrick from College, friends of Chris' from College who he hadn't seen in years, new friends from Myrtle Beach, and Chris' sponsor.  They fixed Chris' surf board, fixed his beach wheelchair, took care of the kids, and helped Chris with everything he needed.  While I was relaxing and watching the kids play in the ocean I was able to talk to my friend Katie and she also encouraged me about trusting the Lord in each present moment that I have and resting in who He has made me to be.  

(Caleb got to ride on the board with Chris for his last was aweseome!!)

Today in church the sermon spoke directly to my heart and I felt overwhelmed by the Love that God has poured out on me throughout my entire life.  I can see how He has protected me from so much in my life and has answered my prayers so quickly and so deeply in my heart throughout my life.  When I feel weak or emotional He surrounds me with people to encourage me and pray for me and love me.  I'm overwhelmed by His goodness in my life. 

And so today I find myself filled with Peace as I rest with my family.  Thank you Jesus for coming to me and being with me to encourage me.  I am only one person in this immense world and yet You chose to come to me with encouragement and love this entire week.  You are a very real and very living God and I trust you and love you. 

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