Sunday, January 4, 2015


In August, 2014 Caleb decided to get baptized.  He said that he really felt that the Holy Spirit wants him to get baptized.  He said, "it's the right time." Our church was having a baptism Sunday, so it was great timing.  I was so proud of him.  It was so wonderful to watch him really take responsibility for this choice and to take it seriously.  He didn't even want Chris and I to come with him when the leaders called over all those who were planning to be baptized.  He listened to their instruction and followed everything they said.  

One extra special part is that he had so many people come to watch and share this experience with him.  His Gramps came, his Momo came, his cousins came, and his PE teacher came.....just to watch him and encourage him afterwards.  So special.  He said it was great to have his family there for his special day.....and especially Coach Brad from school!


Another special part is that he got to go first!!!  We all got to get in the ocean with him including our friends Kate, Trapper, Amelia, and Colin.  So special and fun to have everyone cheer for him.  

Such a great night in the ocean too......low, calm waves.....I'm so thankful to you Jesus for this son of mine.  He is so passionate, so caring, so excited about life, so giggly and cuddly, and absolutely LOVES the Lord and wants to honor Him with his life.  Jesus I ask that you protect him and guide him every day and every night of this life.  I ask that you surround him with adults and children of all ages who will encourage him in his relationship with you.  And I ask that he would bring glory to Your Name and love to all those you place in his path.  Thank you that we are all safe and secure in Your arms and Your plans for our lives.  Deepen his faith in you, for his name means,
Faithful one whom God loves
Caleb Jorryn.

Gramps bought Caleb some special gifts to mark his decision to follow the Lord all the days of his life.  Thanks Gramps!

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