Friday, May 8, 2015

TOURNAMENT #2 and scrimmages at home - FALL 2015.....GO GET 'EM BOYS!!

I think tournament #2 was in North Carolina as well.  The boys played hard in these well fought battles.....getting better and better with each tournament.
The boys take turns in the goal, so Caleb had his turn!  WHEW, he did well!  It's always good to have Evan back on defense when he's in the goal!

Caleb ran hard and had a blast.  That boy loves his teammates.  

Caleb's buddies on the field - Evan and William.

Alethia was in charge of Zoey for some of the games....AND.....SHE.... LOVED....IT!!
She absolutely loved her time with Zoey and with the friends she made at the games.  It's always good to meet sisters of other players at the games!

Home again for some friendly's against the Coast U9 girls.....these girls mean business!!

Caleb's not afraid to play tough against them though!!!

At this point in the year the girls usually beat us.....but we'll see what happens as the year goes on!  Good game everyone!!!

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