Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My husband, the strongest man I know

Chris is a motivational speaker, for those who don't know. Since his accident, he travels the country speaking at schools and conferences on decision-making.....trying to encourage people to not make the same mistakes that he did, which caused him to be in a wheelchair. if you want more info.

Anyway, he speaking this week at a conference and said the reception has been well, but his speaking has been difficult. Before he left on the trip his wheelchair started acting up and not driving correctly, wheels shaking and sputtering out suddenly. This happens from time to time, but always seems to happen when he's about to speak. Before speaking tonight, he had some juice, just regular juice. But it made him feel really dizzy afterwards to where his blood pressure kept dropping. When this happens usually he needs his legs to be lifted by someone else in order to get the blood back up out of his legs towards his head. Unfortunately he needed that kind of help even during the presentation. He said he felt like he did a terrible job, but the folks who were there seemed to respond well and were really changed by all that he shared about his life.

Now can I ask you, have you ever met a man who can withstand the regular trials of paralysis, coupled with pain, coupled with fatigue, and then add dizziness while speaking in front of hundreds of people and come out on the other side with a strong spirit and strong determination to do the same thing tomorrow?? He's amazing. And I take for granted all that he is, all the choices he makes on purpose to support me, to encourage others, to be a positive role model for younger kids, he's incredible. And I am the lucky woman who gets to call him her husband!

Thank you honey, for all that you do! I love you and am honored to be with you!


  1. He is such an amazing man and I love how much you adore him! You two remind me everyday that there is still great relationships and love in this world!