Monday, March 16, 2009

Oops, it happened again

After writing my last post I'm reminded of another story that I wasn't present for, but I just have to tell it. It makes me laugh everytime! (Chris is a good sport about these things, don't worry I'm not being insensitive).
So I mentioned before that he had this button on his armrest that drained out the urine from his bag. Well, when he was taking classes at Radford University he was in an elevator with 2 girls, both of whom were wearing sandals. (Do you know where I'm going with this yet??). Something happened with the button and it got stuck in the "on" position. So as they rode the elevator the floor started to fill with urine. Chris didn't notice because he couldn't see it, but the girls could. They kept inching farther away from him and started standing on their toes and the urine got closer and closer and then made contact.....remember they were both wearing sandals as all three of them were trapped in an elevator filled with urine! The moment the door opened the girls took off running and Chris headed down the hall to the bathroom, pouring urine out the whole way. The door was the type to push to open, but once it closed behind him in the bathroom he was stuck. The urine stopped draining but now he couldn't get out of the bathroom! He yelled for someone to come for a while and finally he was saved by another student. He got to class but told his professor what had happened and said that he felt he needed to find maintenance to clean up the floors. The professor agreed and he left the class to find help. Once help arrived he headed back to class only to find that the class was over, they'd gotten back a graded assignment, and he'd gotten a "D". Have a happy day Chris!

I laugh at this, but truly, what a strong man to be able to have these situations happen and not allow yourself to be consumed by frustration, anger, or bitterness. He truly is able to shrug them off, laugh, and move on. I love this man!! He even lets me laugh at all his stories!!!

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