Monday, March 16, 2009

Technology gone awry

When you're paralyzed you lean more on the use of technology and gadgets than you otherwise would have to just to survive. When Chris and I were dating he had a really cool system hooked up to his wheelchair. In general his urine drains into a bag that is strapped to his leg all day long. When it was full he had no way to empty it, so he got this button that was mounted to his armrest. Whenever his urine bag was full he'd go outside, push the button and pee on the grass (yes, just like a dog, but if they can do it why shouldn't he??).
One weekend when I was visiting him, we went to Barnes and Noble to drink coffee and chat. Because in his wheelchair he sits higher than regular tables, we chose a high table to sit at. We drank our drinks and were having a great time for about an hour when I started to smell something funny. We were sitting in a corner area like a nook right next to where they mixed things, so I just thought it was all the flavors mixing together that smelled odd. Chris wasn't sure what it was until he looked down on the floor.......yes, the entire area was covered about 1" deep in urine. Oh, it's true. I had been leaning my knees on his armrest the entire time we sat there so he drank, the urine came into his bag, and onto the floor for an entire hour. Now mind you, I'm sitting in a high seat and can't touch the floor. The urine is spread out all around me so there is no area of dry ground to land in. Chris took off to find a manager or someone to clean it up and I sat on the seat planning how far I'd need to jump to not splash when I landed.......3 feet, maybe 4. Chris returned with help just as I landed ever-so-gracefully on the edge of the puddle. The manager was very sweet, but as we left the store Chris had urine covering his wheels, so he left a urine trail from our seats to the door and out in the parking lot. I'm sure no one new it was urine until their feet started to stick to the floor! I couldn't stop laughing the whole way home.......

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