Monday, May 18, 2009

The verdict is in......We're Moving to Dallas, Texas in August

Yes it's true. Chris and I have decided to walk through the open doors before us and move to Dallas, Texas. For a few years Chris has wanted to go to seminary school.....when he'd pray about it, it felt like the right thing to do and he'd feel joy and excitement build up within him but for various reasons, he hadn't started. Then last summer he felt very convicted about 2 things: we were to move to Murphy, NC and he was to start seminary school. He wasn't sure which school initially so he felt God leading him to learn which schools his favorite pastors went to (pastors that he's listened to on-line). Turns out all 4 of them went to Dallas Theological Seminary. He learned more about the school and felt that it was a good match for him so he applied. There were other ways God led him, through prayers, "coincidences" in daily life, and scripture. He was accepted and began school in January, 2009 with an on-line class. His plan as to take on-line classes and continue to pray to see how God leads him because he wasn't really sure what program to go into. We were also told that it was a 3-5 year wait to get into the family dorm, so we figured we'd just pray for God's timing and leading in it all and see where we ended up. We were able to visit the school in March because Chris had a speaking engagement at a nearby high school and college. We were able to meet with some students and the housing director to put our name on the list for the dorm. At this point Chris was feeling strongly that we should be on campus for his classes. He does so much better learning in person. After learning about the various programs Chris decided to enter the Masters in Theology program which is a 4 year degree if you go full-time. For him, full-time hasn't been a good balance in the past, so we assume it will take longer. We continued to pray for God to open the doors He wants us to walk through and to close the doors He doesn't want us to walk through. About a month ago we received an email from the housing director saying that they have an opening for us.......THIS FALL!!! Holy Guacomole!!!!!! After Chris put his name on the list 2 other men in wheelchairs added their names. So if we do not accept this opening it could be between 6 and 8 years before we'll have it again. The school asked the family who was currently living in the handicapped apartment if they'd mind moving to another unit since none of them were disabled. Then they received approval in their budget to make some necessary adaptions to the apartment (amazing in and of itself given the budget crunch that all schools are in right now). That's quite an open door!!! So we're off!!! Classes start August 23rd, so we'll move sometime before that. What an experience......
I have to say, the first mention of the Fall freaked me out a bit. Not very logical, to move so soon, we just bought a house, I just started a job.....I mean, seriously who does that??? Who moves to one town and then 7 months moves somewhere else??? Well, apparently God does that because there is absolutely nothing in me that is saying "NO" and there is everything in me that is saying "YES". Here are a few of the YES':
1. I have watched Chris come alive, truly, while taking first class. His love for the bible has exploded. Everyday when I get home from work he's just dying to tell me something else that he's learned or discovered about God and how Faithful He is, or loving, or powerful, etc. Chris has always been passionate, but it's increased even in him.
2. He has started to change in our own relationship.....been gentler, kinder, more tender and loving in how he speaks to me and interacts with me. He's been more encouraging to me the past few months than I've ever me, I interpret that as the Holy Spirit's presence in his life and the fruit of that spirit.
3. He's been more loving, patient, and encouraging towards others. He's been giving people the benefit of the doubt more and believing the best about them first.
4. He's been more confident and bold in his trust and faith in hesitation in standing on God's Truth against lies of the world, lies in his own mind, and lies that he feels satan puts in his path. His faith and been incredibly strengthened.

So, as his wife, when I look at this fruit and look at the open door before us, how can I not see the hand of God and how can I not hold my husband's hand and take another step of faith together with him as we follow the Lord. Chris is the partner that God has given me in this journey of if this is what God wants for Chris, then this is what God wants for me.....Lord may I be faithful to you and you are faithful to me to walk this road with love in my heart, joy in my eyes, peace in my soul, Truth in my mind, and readiness with my feet......may I bring you joy and pleasure as you look upon me. And may I bring joy to my husband and children in this life that you've given me. I truly consider this life with You, true joy!!!


  1. So exciting to see God's hand in your lives. I am happy as I read the joy and peace you have shared. I hope we will have a chance to see each other before the move.

  2. Suz- you are awesome! I love you and love seeing the Lord work things out in you! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

  3. WOW!!!!That is some exciting news!
    Will you guys still be connected at all with the church in Murphy?
    You're such an inspiration :)
    Keep us posted!