Friday, May 15, 2009

Who needs teeth, really?


So, our sweet little, aggressive, full-force, 100% all out tiger had his first run-in at the playground. Another little boy started picking on Alethia and so Caleb jumped in to knock him, just kidding. Truth is, one day last month we went to the park and Caleb tripped and smacked his mouth right on a metal step. I was right there, straddling him with my legs, but I wasn't fast enough to break his fall. So I scooped him up with a face full of blood and was about to panic when I heard the voice of another mother asking if I needed help. Of course I said yes. She proceeded to speak so kindly to Caleb, so soothing. She checked his little mouth as he calmed down and suggested that the cut on the outside of his lip and the inside were not connecting all the way through - thank goodness! And she stayed with us until he calmed down. Once I thought we'd make it through ok I asked if she was a nurse......she said she's a pediatrician!!! Well, thank you Jesus!!! She "just happened" to be at the park playing with her daughter while we were there and saw Caleb's entire fall. Once he was calm for a little while he smiled and I realized that I couldn't see one of his front two teeth. So I went right back to Dr. Conti and had her look at him. She suggested we go to our doctor immediately in the morning and she even called them at home to tell them her assessment and get us an appt!!! She was so sweet. She sent us to the store to buy popsicles, yogurt, and pudding....and we were off! First major injury under my belt! WHEW!!! Of course, Chris was out of town speaking during the whole event, so he was worried about Caleb and it was hard on him to not be there and see that he'd be ok. We took him to a pediatric dentist and she said the tooth may grow back in......and now it is!! So his little country-boy grin is slowing changing back into a Caleb grin!! yay!!!
But to me, the most amazing part of this event is that the whole week before it happened everytime I'd pray for Caleb I couldn't get away from praying for his physical health and safety and protection. I just couldn't say AMEN without praying for it. I've prayed for that off and on his whole life, but I couldn't get it out of my mind that whole week before it happened. And now I know that it was God going before us all to make a way to provide for Caleb even in something as little as a baby tooth! He loves him and us so much that He'd do that......even giving us the best pediatrician in the whole area right at the park!!! Thank you Lord for caring about our physical safety, down to our baby teeth......"but the very hairs of your head are all numbered."
Thank you Father.....Caleb Jorryn truly is becoming his name - "faithful one whom God loves".

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  1. Love how you find and share God even in this sweet Stuzie.