Monday, June 8, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

Nina. Nina is a woman that Chris and I saw everyday that we were in England. She hung out at the church at various times during the day and she shared a lot of her life story with Chris. One day she brought a poem that she had written the night before. I'd like to share that poem with you because I thought it was a beautiful love letter from a daughter to a Daddy in Heaven. So, although I do not have a picture of Nina, I think you'll all see a picture of her heart:

"God in my heart you rest inside.
God in my soul you open up very wide.
god in my spirit you feel with love.
And in my body I fly like a dove.

Every time I shut up to you,
You're still there and you get me through.
On my knees wondering why
All the things I've done sitting before you shy.

All the days and nights too
In my heart I really love you.
Stubborn and full of untrust
You shake me and realize the dust.

Days and nights are very lonely
but with your love you really show me
that all the things in and around the earth
can be just as painful as giving birth.

But with you in my life
You help ease it and take away strife.
If I give you my love every day
I don't need to shout and say NO WAY.

You are my Dad, my life, my heart
Thank you Father for this fresh start."

You know, it's interesting. The name Nina means "little girl". I think this poem is a perfect picture of how safe Nina is in the arms of her Father.....she truly is Daddy's little girl!

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